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Get or renew your liquor license (also known as a bartender permit, server permit, certification, or simply 'training' in some areas) quickly and easily with our Nebraska Responsible Serving® of Alcohol online course! This course is approved by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission and will teach you everything you need to know to responsibly serve alcohol. The course is taken online in just a short while. Enroll now!

The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission

The agency that handles Nebraska liquor licensing and/or bartender licensing rules and regulations in Nebraska is The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. The contact information for The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission is listed below. You can contact them to verify that online server certification (bartender license) can be obtained in Nebraska. We have also listed that information where applicable.

Bartending regulations for sellers and servers in Nebraska
  • NE Dram Shop Laws: Norenew Nebraska liquor license
  • NE Happy Hour Laws: Yes
Nebraska regulations are governed by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

Contact Information:
Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
Telephone: (402) 471- 2571
Website: http://www.lcc.ne.gov

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